Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why I haven't been to blogland recently.

Hi everyone!

It has been so crazy... Ready--- "How crazy is it?!" It's been so crazy, that I can't even think straight! Between the end of the school year excitement and preparation, (not only do I work in the school system, I have one DS graduating from HS!) my oldest DD being engaged, and trying to prepare for my very 1st craft show--- I'm frozen!!! It's the 1st day of summer vacation, I'm showered, everything is done around the house that I wanted to get done for now, my DH is at work, the kids are playing outside, I'm finally sitting at my desk and.......NOTHING! I feel like Chevy Chase in Funny Farm (if you're not familiar with this hilarious movie, here's a brief overview), he and his DW move from the city to their dream home in the country so he can finally write the greatest American novel. After a few funny setbacks in the beginning, he finally sits down at his typewriter, he types one word, and that's it, writers block! Well, I have 'creators block'! Did I mention that it's Wednesday and the craft show is Saturday? All the ideas in my head are spinning out of control and I feel lost in there. I guess it's time to chill out and get my thoughts together.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a few lines and let you know what's happenin'.

Oh yea-- I almost forgot! A couple of weeks ago we had a bizzar storm that left us with a beautiful double rainbow that I wanted to share with you!

Anyone involved in the terrible storms out west--You are in my deepest thoughts and prayers.

Well, time to clear my head. Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to smile a lot today:):):):)


Anonymous said...

Good evening Denise, Sorry about the blockage, lol, I know exactly what you mean. I am having the same problem. We only have 2 days 'til the strawberry festival. Well if this block doesn't clear for us soon, I guess we can just sit there and eat Strawberry Shortcake until we clear our minds, lol....
Congrats on your new blog, it's awesome!! Love your rainbow pics.
Now, get off the computer and make some items to sell, lol......
Talk to you soon!!
Hugs, Pam a.k.a. It'sjustme on SCS

Susan (rainy) said...

I good friend told me once, "Just breathe." lol Interestingly enough... it worked. Hope your creative mojo comes back soon. Just breathe!

LeAnne said...

These pictures are AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for sharing them! I can see by your next post that you got some of your stampin' mojo back! I love your Kraft, Soft Sky & Black card---Always is on my wish list!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous rainbow pics! They put a smile on my face! I've been so stressed and this actually helped! Isn't it a drag when we want to create, but just go blank!? But, it happens to all of us, so keep on!
smiles, Deena